Happy Days Show

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“Terrific show … a real crowd pleaser!”
3M Companies

“OUTSTANDING! One of the BEST we’ve had!”
Waite Park Elementary

  The Happy Days Show brings all ages together in fun, dancing, great music and laughter.  Invite your guests to dress up in their 50’s and 60’s best! Everyone will have a rockin’ good time and will surely take home great memories!  Bring the ROCK n’ ROLL FUN to your next event. From the Shimmey to the Twist, The Swim and the Pony, The Limbo to the Hand Jive…The Jerk and Mony Mony.  No one can keep still, Everybody has to move. Your party is a hit! It’s got that Rock n’ Roll groove. You provide the folks… The Toonies provide the 50’s music, movement and interactive fun!
“Inspiring and upbeat … a fantasic treat!”
Target Stores

“Our families LOVE The Toonies! They are a delight!”
Camp Snoopy

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